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2015 Reunion
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Carolyn Baker Adams
Beth Buchholz Opatrny
Claudia Johns Mazurkiewicz
Gene and Sarah Dalby Hysmith and Richard Peters
Kay Domhoff Peters and Amy Steiner Pryor
Franks, Franks, Matz, Johnson, and Dalbey
George and Jackie Gingery
Dick Gordon and friend Mary Brubaker Beutel
Group Photo Click on this one when open to enlarge.
Group Photo idenifications
Historical Society Visitors
J. D. Hoessle and George Gingery
Marion Horn Miller
Ralph Keister
Lehman and Kirchhofer
Doug Mitchell and Mary Brubaker Beutel
Bill Moore
 Murphy and Johnson
Loice Ann Speck Oreno and Mr. Sims and Jerry Clouse
Kathleen Schneider and June Ackerman Louttit and Tom Fischer
Linda Shearer and Amy Steiner
Pat Murphy Sims and Carolyn Lang Modarelli
Morgan and Johns
Steiner and Shearer

These pics were taken by Kay Peters and Jerry Holderfield.
If you have pics from that reunion that YOU NEVER SENT ME, I will be glad to add them.

From Carolyn, 4 Feb 2017 lunch in Florida:
Kay [Domhoff] and Richard Peters, Tom Jones and wife Sue,
Barb [Morgan] and Jack Spitler, Carolyn [Whitford] and Dave Myers


Hawaiian Cruise March 2014

Mini Reunion in Florida
4 Jan 2014

A Small Gathering and a Class Trip
Posted 28 Oct 2013

Senior Prom Program
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will open up when you click it.

 Florida Mini Reunion-2 2013

Memories from Claudia Johns

Florida Mini Reunion 2013

Arizona Mini Reunion 2012

2012 Reunion/Ranch night
2012 Picnic 1
2012 Picnic 2
2012 Picnic 3
2012 Picnic 4
2012 Picnic 5
2012 Picnic 6

2012 Class Cruise to the Mediterranean
Photos from Carolyn, Dorothy, and Lin

2010 Reunion Photos
50th Reunion
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and more photos.

The Appreciation Page
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Arizona 2011

2010 Photos from Sandy Bowers p.1
2010 Photos from Sandy p.2
2010 Photos from Sandy p.3
2010 Photos from Sandy p.4
2010 Photos from Sandy p. 5

2010 Photos from J. Schmelzer
2010 Photos from J. Schmelzer p. 2
2010 Photos from Dorothy Fischer
2010 Photos from Barb Fischer 1
2010 Photos from Barb Fischer 2
2010 Photos from Barb Fischer 3
2010 Photos from Susie Holderfield 1
2010 Photos from Susie Holderfield 2
 2010 Photos from Susie Holderfield 3
2010 Photos from Ruthie Kister Podd

2010 Alaskan Cruise from Carolyn W. Myers

2010 Cruise photos from Brian and Lin Boling 1
2010 Cruise from Brian and Lin 2
2010 Cruise from Brian and Lin 3
[Scenery on and off the ship]

25th Reunion Group Photo 1985

2005 Reunion Photos
Carolyn Whitford Myers' Reunion PHOTOS 1
 Carolyn Whitford Myers' Reunion PHOTOS 2
Dorothy Dustman Fischer Reunion Photos
Carole Kiefer Stanton's MINI-REUNION
 Doug Mitchell's Reunion Photos
 Jill Miller McClellan's Reunion Photos

 Becky Gilkison's Cruise Photos
Who's Becky?  See the page and find out.
Theda Prinkey Chamberlin's Cruise Photos
A few more Cruise Photos from Dorothy

Mini Western Reunion in Arizona 2005
Mini Western Reunion in AZ 2006
Mini Reunion with Hoessle, Glick and Hanzel[Jonas]
Mini Western Reunion in Arizona 2007
Kister-Knott-Hoover-Rittenhouse Mini-Reunion
Mini Western Reunion in AZ 2009
Hoessle New Year's Eve 2009
At the Ranch, 15 Aug 2009
Meeting Jaynie summer 2010
2010 Beeler's Visit to Arizona
Mini Western Reunion in AZ 2010
Mini Western AZ 2010 page2
 At the Ranch, 16 Mar 2012

 The Fight Song and Drawing of the old High School

Jerry Clouse and car
 Liz King and the McCoys
John and Rhoda Adams
Liz King in the Sierra Nevadas  

School Photos

Walnut Street School 2nd Grade
Layton School 2nd grade
Wooster Township Photos
from Jane Jones Reibman

St Mary's 8th Grade Graduation
from Carole Kiefer Stanton

5th Grade Apple Creek School
from Rachel Grande Conrad 

Bowman K  
Bowman K...2nd group
Bowman 6th

Bowman St 6th
...2nd group

6th Grade Bowman
from Tom Jones

Layton 3rd
Brownies [Layton]

Trinity United Church of Christ
Wooster Methodist 7th Grade
Zion Lutheran Catechism

  Wayne Local 1st Grade
Wayne Local 6th Grade
Wayne Local 7th Grade
 Wayne Local 8th grade

Updated 26 Mar 2010 Beall Kindergarten1
Beall Kindergarten 2 
Beall 1st 
Beall 2nd
Beall 3rd
 Beall Fifth
Beall 6th
Beall 6th group 2

Pittsburgh Ave 4th

Wooster Junior High, 1955

Other Old Snapshots
Senior Prom Page
Identify these kids
Club Co-Ed
Tap Dancers
Girl Scouts
1959 Homecoming
A Jr. High Classroom
Jr. High Council
Byrd's 8th Grade Home Room   
Three Little Leaguers Left Behind
Pied Piper Show at Bowman St. School
Snapshots from Joe Beeler
Snapshots from Phillis Gerchmez

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